A game I made for the #GentleGhostJam about serving comfort food to sad, lonely ghosts.

You can play with just the mouse. F11 takes you fullscreen. If you really want to you can kind of navigate the menus with the arrow keys and Enter but it's very clunky and I highly recommend against it. 

(pssst you can skip to the next character if you get stuck by pressing Enter, if that doesn't work try clicking on the little grey bar on top then pressing Enter.)

 I highly recommend downloading the game and playing it on a PC because you might lose out on some visual effects and formatting errors when played in the browser, but I have no idea because I didn't have enough time to playtest thoroughly.

For Mac users, I'm sorry I can't package a version for you because I don't own a Mac.

For Linux users, I'm trying my best to put out a Linux version but I can't guarantee it works, my old laptop can barely run a VM so it's not very feasible to test the game.

I'm terrible at art so this is more of a demo of the game, I had more characters I wanted to write about but art is hard and I'm slow at artsing.

Game BGM by: Jessica Boudreau

Credits to other sound effects in-game.

PlatformsWindows, Linux, HTML5
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withUnreal Engine
TagsFood, Ghosts, Narrative, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilityOne button
LinksTwitter, Blog

Install instructions

1. Download the game 

2. Unzip it to a cozy location on your computer 

3. Get comfy and play the game c:

3a. Run SoulFood.exe as administrator, you might also need to allow it through your firewall/antivirus if those programs are being grouchy

3b. You might need to install some prerequisite redistributable stuff but SoulFood.exe should take care of things for you

4. Send any bug reports to @hianhianhian_


SoulFoodv1.2-Win64.zip 94 MB
SoulFoodv1.2-Win32.zip 72 MB
SoulFoodv1.2-Linux.zip 95 MB

Development log

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